About Me

Combining a driving pursuit for excellence with a broad skill set and an observant, analytical aptitude, my goal is to provide technology solutions that help organizations achieve their strategic objectives.

Solutions Engineer

An individual with the ability to take a vision and turn it into reality by running with it through:

end user collaboration,
building relationships with affected individuals, both technical and non-technical, obtaining their input and earning their buy-in
understanding goals, needs and existing technical, corporate and process environments
devising a solution, including selecting the right tools for the job, factoring in the client’s environment and existing infrastructure
applying a diverse set of technical skills to craft the necessary processes, code, queries, scripts, reports and infrastructure
and deployment.
delivering what was created to the intended audience

Senior Developer/Database Engineer

Senior doesn’t mean I’ve used every programming language or technology out there—but I have used several! Almost every non-micro project involves something new: a new need, a new environment or a new way of doing things. One of the things “senior” implies is expertise at quickly grasping what’s new, then combining the just-gained knowledge with previous experience in such a way that the result is greater than the sum of its parts.

The particular technologies I’m focused on at a given moment varies based on the projects I’m involved with. In recent years, C#/.Net, Microsoft SQL Server (including SSRS and SSIS) and Microsoft Power BI/Power Query have been prominent players in my toolbelt. Over the years, I’ve worked with various other technologies including Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PHP, SilverStripe, Magento eCommerce and MySQL.

Senior doesn’t mean that I only take on uber-cool, unique, complex projects. Much of what keeps businesses going are the ordinary, little things—like building a simple report or cleaning up extraneous data in a database. It’s an honor to help organizations with both the big and exciting as well as the more mundane.

Quality and accuracy are important. To me, automated unit testing and test-driven development (TDD) are key components in achieving these goals.

Sound like what you’re looking for? Have questions?

Let’s get in touch! You can reach me at ben@bengribaudo.com.


For examples of projects I’ve worked on, see Consulting. You may also find my LinkedIn profile of interest.

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