Data Mashup Explorer 0.2.0-beta & Data Mashup Cmdlets 0.1.2-alpha Released

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Data Mashup Explorer

For Data Mashup Explorer, this release adds one new feature: the ability to view the components which make up embedded content items.

Expanded embedded content folder items - in Data Mashup Explorer

Embedded contents, a (mostly?) legacy feature, is where the hidden queries that Embedded.Value reads are stored. The Power Query defining these hidden queries is not visible in the UI in either Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Power BI.

Data Mashup Explorer’s new ability to expand embedded items and see their components’ contents makes it possible to view the M code of these hidden queries. If you have lost your source copy of a query which is embedded in a file, this new feature should enable you to extract and recover the missing mashup.

Download the latest version from the tool’s page.

Data Mashup Cmdlets

Data Mashup Cmdlets received a minor update: The logic to parse/validate Power Query has been improved.

For instructions on how to update your PowerShell environment to the latest module version, see the tool’s page.

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