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Power Query M Primer (Part 16): Type System I

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Power Query’s type system helps us understand the values we works with, allows us to describe the kinds of data expected by functions we write, offers a means to share documentation (which IntelliSense can display) and provides a mechanism to inform consumers about the structure of the data we’re handing them (which the host environment can use—for example, guiding Power BI to correctly set column types).

To sum up M’s approach to types at a high level:

Every value has a type. A type is itself a value. Types are used to classify values.

A simple statement, but with a lot packed into it and behind it—so much, in fact, that we’ll explore Power Query’s type system in over several posts. Today, we’ll start with the basics, centered around what are known as nullable primitive types. Later, as we get deeper in, hold on to your hat—you might find a major puzzling surprise, where the type system doesn’t work the way you’d expect.

Let’s start delving into the type system by examining the summary statement we read a moment ago.

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Power Query M Primer (Part 15): Error Handling

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Your Power Query is skipping merrily along its mashup way. Then, bam! Something bad happens! Uh oh! What do you do when an error raises its ugly head? Or, for that matter, what if code you write detects an anomaly and you want to announce this fact in an informative manner?

Thankfully, M has error handling capabilities, allowing you to both raise and handle runtime errors. We’ll learn how to do both.

Important: If you’re familiar with the idea of an exception from other programming languages, Power Query’s error handling is different in at least one significant respect from what you may be familiar with.

Let’s get going!

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