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NetMsmqIntegrationBinding — No Data Being Passed

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Recently, I encountered a strange problem with a simple WCF NetMsmqIntegrationBinding service. The data objects passed into my service contained no data! When a message was received, the service would create an instance of the appropriate DataContract class but then would not populate the just-constructed object with the data contained in the WCF message (i.e. the data object’s fields were all left at their default values—null, 0, empty string, etc.). Continue reading

“The profile for the user is a temporary profile” Error Even After Granting Private Key Read Rights


Recently, while helping a client deploy a wsHttpBinding Windows Communication Foundation web service configured with message security, we encountered the following error: “The profile for the user is a temporary profile.” As is sometimes the case with WCF certificate security issues, the initial error message’s description did not come close to describing the actual problem. Continue reading