Power Query Custom Connector Deep Dive Workshop

There is not a lot out there on custom connector development. Microsoft provides a few tutorials and some documentation. Beyond that and a few articles and videos, you are pretty much on your own. This workshop’s goal is to change that!

Stuck on something in the TripPin tutorial? Want to go beyond what it covers to building more advanced connectors? Trying to figure out how to implement more than just elementary query folding support?

Through a combination of teaching, exercises, Q&A and exploration together, the goal of this workshop is to explore in depth the world of developing Table.View-based custom connectors for Power Query, including query folding support.

The target attendee:

  • Is comfortable writing M code by hand and is familiar with the contents of the Power Query M Primer. (Need a jump start or refresher? Consider the Mastering M class.)
  • Has worked on Microsoft’s Power Query SDK TripPin tutorial. (It’s okay if you haven’t mastered every concept in it or need help with it, but you should have at least read through it and started working through it.)
  • Possibly is actively working on a custom connector project. (Not required, but if you are, the workshop group may be able to brainstorm on it together with you.)

Ben Gribaudo will be teaching/leading the workshop, drawing on the knowledge he’s gained from his personal exploration of custom connectors. At the same time, the hope is that the group can also learn from each other as we together explore this little-documented world.


  • Tentatively: 2 days in Summer 2023, about 6 hours per day
    • Location: Live, web-based workshop
  • Cost: $2,000 USD
  • Interested: Please let Ben know…and please spread the word!
    (Workshop details will be finalized if/when enough sign up to make holding it viable.)