Privacy Policy

Last Revised: January 25, 2022

We want to treat your data the way we’d want you to treat our data. But since this can mean different things to different people, this policy exists to explain our privacy practices.

This policy applies directly to It does not apply other sites linked to from this site or to third-party components used by this site (more on the latter later). It also does not apply to services provided by us to you (which, instead, are governed by the terms of the applicable services agreement).

Information Collected, Used and Shared (or not!)

Information Directly Collected

There may be places where this site allows you to share or submit information. For example, the site might offer the option to sign up for an email list, purchase a product/service, contact us by filling out a form, or share a blog post comment.

To the extent this information contains personally identifying information, it may be used:

  • To fulfill what you requested.
    • Example: If you order something, to provide the products or services you ordered; if you sign up for an email list, to send you the requested emails.
  • To follow up in relation to your interaction with us.
    • Example: If you attend a course we offer, we might email you a post-course survey or let you know about an upcoming course that may be of interest.
  • To contact you personally.
    • Example: To thank you for your engagement with us; to ask how you’re doing or what kind of technology you’re having fun with.
  • For the internal operation of our business.
    • Example: We might look at our customers’ past interactions with us to help us plan when and where to offer future courses.
  • To share publicly—If your submission was intended for public sharing.
    • Example: If you use the “post comment” form to share your thoughts on a blog post, the information you submit may be freely and publicly shared, unless the instructions given by us on the form clearly state otherwise.

Your personally identifying information may be shared with contractors and service providers who help us operate our business (e.g. our accountants, web host, etc.); in response to a court order, subpoena or other legal/governmental request; to help us protect against or respond to actual or potential system or other fraud/abuse/risk; and when needed in a situation of imminent danger (for example, but not limited to, a missing person situation).

Information sanitized of personally identifying information may be freely shared and used.

  • Example: We might publicly share the good news that x people from y different countries subscribed to our email list last week or that a user commented “best product ever” on a survey—but without publicly releasing the associated users’ contact information.

To be clear: Absent from the above list is selling your information to other companies for marketing purposes. We are not trying to increase our profits by allowing so-called “marketing partners” to buy information about you from us. (Of course, if for some reason this business were ever to be sold in whole or part, then the information we have may be transferred to the new owner—but that is very different from being paid by one of the big advertising companies to let them have a peek at what we know about you.)

Information Passively Gathered

We may collect log and device information about your interactions with the site (such as which pages you viewed, which order you viewed them in and for how long; your device’s IP address [from which your general geographic location and Internet Service Provider may be derivable]; the make/model and capabilities of your browser and the device it is running on [e.g. information discernable from the user agent string and via JavaScript, like the browser’s brand name and version, the operating system name and version, the device and browser’s screen resolution, etc.]; and the link/search keywords that brought you to the site).

If you complete a form on our site (such as when placing an order), this action and its details may be correlated with the log information that’s automatically collected when you visit our site, making that information no longer anonymous.

Log information (but any not correlated personally identifying information) may be freely shared and used.

Information From Children

This site is not targeted for those under 16, so does not intentionally collect information from those under that age.

Credit Card Numbers

This site does not directly process or collect full credit card numbers. Instead, credit card processing is done using an industry-recognized third-party payment processor.

Third-Party Components

This site uses third-party components which are hosted by other entities. The respective entity’s privacy policy governs the components they provide.


This policy is subject to change at any time without advance notice. You may wish to monitor this page for such changes.

Deletion/Point of Contact

Depending on the jurisdiction you are in, you may have the legal right to request more details about, copies of, or deletion of, the information we have about you. Whether or not you are in one of these jurisdictions, we want to help you with concerns, questions and requests related to this policy. Please feel free to reach us at

Tip: If you simply want to be removed from one of our email lists, the bottom of each message should contain unsubscribe instructions.