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Dataverse: Same data everywhere? Dynamics/Power Apps UI + Web Services vs. TDS Endpoint + Power BI/Power Query + Azure Synapse Link

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If you try accessing the same data using the various mechanisms listed below will you always receive back identical values?

It depends.

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Why You Can’t Directly Bulk Load Values
or See Them in Traces

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Bulk loading seems shrouded in mystery. You can’t directly bulk insert values using a query. However, you can bulk load using a tool like BCP, an API like SqlBulkCopy or via a query that tells SQL Server to read the rows out of a file and insert them (BULK INSERT or OPENROWSET(BULK…)). Then, if you use one of these means to do a bulk load and watch server activity using a Profiler trace or extended events, you’ll see an insert query but no row data. What’s going on?!

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T-SQL on the Wire: What takes place between client and server?

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The answer to this question might shed light on some Microsoft® SQL Server® mysteries, might answer—or raise—security concerns and might help you administer, develop and debug better.

In this presentation, learn about Tabular Data Stream (TDS)—the protocol used for client-to-SQL Server interactions. In addition to a  high-level understanding of how TDS works, you’ll (hopefully!) come away with practical applications of this knowledge that should benefit you as a database administrator or developer.