HubSpot -> Power BI Connector

Pull data from HubSpot into Microsoft Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service!

What sets our connector apart from other HubSpot -> Power BI integration solutions?

  • Privacy Conscious
    • A common pattern for Power BI integrations is for the vendor to stage your HubSpot data in an intermediate database they operate and control. While there are pros and cons to this at the technical level, at the data protection level this introduces an extra point of exposure: a copy of your data is processed and stored by a third-party.
    • In contrast, our connector keeps your HubSpot data between HubSpot, Microsoft and systems you control. No intermediate database is used. There’s no need for the connector vendor (our company) to touch your data.
  • Real Time
    • Intermediate databases, as are used by some other integration solutions, introduce a data delay (data staleness). When a staging database is used, getting new data into your Power BI dataset involves first refreshing the staging database (typically on a scheduled basis) then a refresh in Power BI. The net effect is that your Power BI dataset is never refreshed with truly live data.
    • Since our connector does not use an intermediate database, when a Power BI/Power Query refresh runs, live data is pulled directly from HubSpot. There’s no delay introduced by needing to wait for a HubSpot -> staging database sync to run before your Power BI solution can see the latest data.
  • No Arbitrary Limits
    • Existing integration solutions may be priced based on refresh frequency or entity row counts. For example, you may have to pay a bit more for the ability to refresh hourly vs. a one per day refresh.
    • Our connector imposes no arbitrary limits. You can refresh as often as you want, moving as many entity records as you want, without connector licensing limiting you or imposing extra licensing fees. (Of course, the API call limits imposed by HubSpot and the resource limits imposed by Microsoft still apply.)
  • Perpetually Licensed(No Mandatory Monthly/Annual Fees)
    • Many integration offerings are services billed by the month or year.
    • Our connector is perpetually licensed. Pay for it up front, and you can use it perpetually.


Power BI/Power Query

  • This solution ships as a custom Power Query connector.
    • For development, you’ll need to distribute the connector to each Power BI Desktop system that needs to use it.
    • Once developed, report datasets that use this connector can be published to, and refreshed from, the Power BI Service. However, in order for refreshes to work in the Service, you’ll need to install the connector on an on-premises data gateway.
  • Unfortunately, as Power BI dataflows currently do not support gateway-deployed custom connectors, this connector currently cannot be used from a dataflow.
    • Good news! This limitation should be removed by Microsoft in fall 2023.


  • Entities Synced—This connector makes data from following HubSpot entities available in Power BI:
    • Companies (including custom properties)
    • Contacts (including custom properties)
    • Deals (including custom properties)
    • Line Items (including custom properties)
    • Tickets (including custom properties)
    • Products
    • Pipelines
    • Lists
    • Engagements (calls, communications, emails, meetings, notes, postal mail & tasks)
    • Engagement Call Dispositions
    • Owners
    • Marketing Email Statistics
    • Email Campaigns (e.g. campaign details associated with email sends)
    • (If there is an entity missing that you’d like to see, please let me know.)
  • Disclaimer: This connector has not been developed or endorsed by HubSpot.


$250 for a perpetual license allowing installation on 1 gateway and up to 5 Power BI Desktop installs, all for use with 1 HubSpot account.

(Note: Currently not available for licensing to Michigan addresses.)


Please drop me an email!