Magento PDF Invoice Customization


Over the past month or so, I’ve been building a Magento eCommerce module allowing PDF invoices to be customized in four areas:

  • Page Size: By default, Magento PDF invoices are rendered as A4 pages. Most of us in the US would probably prefer that these PDFs be outputted using the letter page size (8.5″ * 11″) to match the paper we use. This module allows easy configuration of the invoice’s page size.
  • Logo Size: By default, Magento requires that your logo be 200 pixels by 50 pixels. With this module, your logo can be any size that will fit on the page.
  • Font/Typeface: Chose between 14 standard Type 1 faces supported by all PDF viewers. Different typefaces may be used for different sections of the invoice. In addition to the stylistic control this allows, using standard fonts (instead of the Magento-supplied Libertine) can significantly reduce the file size of  the generated PDF.
  • Font Size: You set the font sizes of the various sections of the invoice. Want item row text to be a readable size? No problem!

This module has been completed! Learn more about it.


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