New Feature: Make the Store Address’s First Line Stand Out on Magento PDF Invoices


Want to make your store name stand out on your PDF invoice (example to the right)?

By default, Magento’s PDF invoice displays your entire store address/information block using the same font/font size. Now, Ben Gribaudo’s Customizable PDF Invoice Module gives you separate font/font size settings for both the store address’s first line and the rest of the address.

This feature joins the module’s extensive list of existing options which allow you to:

  • Use a logo of any size. Removes Magento’s 200 * 50 logo dimension constraint.
  • Display the coupon code used with the order.
  • Hide unneeded item columns (quantity, SKU, tax, etc.).
  • Set the page size and margin. Output your PDFs letter-sized instead of A4-sized (Magento’s default).
  • And more!

Store Information Settings Options

Learn more about this module.

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