SQL for C# Developers

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You’re a developer. You know how to write code that interacts with databases. Using tools like Entity Framework and LINQ, you can push and pull data to and from data sources. But how comfortable are you directly talking to a relational database in its native dialect—SQL? Maybe you can cobble together a basic SELECT statement—but when you do, do you feel like a traveler in a strange land where you barely know the language?

Presented earlier this month at the OKC-Sharp developers’ group, this talk overviews relational databases, talks about tooling options, introduces SELECT and joins, and discusses collation (comparison/sorting rules). In essence, it’s part one of a two-part series, where the missing second part (which time didn’t allow me to cover) would explore more about SELECT‘s capabilities.

While the general concepts presented are applicable across the world of relational databases, some of the technical details are specific to Microsoft SQL Server.

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